Hose Graphics
Artwork created by professional firefighters
Who We Are

WE ARE FIREFIGHTERS. Highly motivated and truly dedicated to represent the fire service for all the pride, honor and traditions it has meant to us. We produced our first hose flag using old hose that had failed the required annual pressure test. That flag, pictured to the left, (below on your Mobil) which hangs in our station, was so impressive and liked by everyone who saw it, we wanted to create something a bit more personal.
Hose is our lifeline, the very lifeline firefighters need to deliver much needed water to a burning home, or guide the firefighters to safety when the fire is out of control. For all that it does for the firefighters and citizens, when its use has reached its limit; fire hose is usually discarded as trash…. We felt this was not the honorable end for such an important piece of life saving equipment.
We founded Hose Graphics to express the honor, pride and traditions of today’s fire service. In hand crafting each piece, we found a connection between our professional experiences and the opportunity to express our love of this profession.
Each of our plaques brings together the traditional values of firefighters, the pride we feel in doing our jobs and the honor of working with so many brave men and women. The hose continues to have purpose and provide help as we donate a portion of all the plaques sold, to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.