Hose Graphics
Artwork created by professional firefighters
Hose Graphics
Artwork Created by Professional Fire Fighters
About Us
Every year in the fire service, fire hose is tested. If the hose does not pass its yearly test, it is retired and removed from service, usually discarded as trash. At Hose Graphics, we save fire hose from landfills and give it a much more fitting and honorable end to its career.
Hose Graphics is owned and operated by firefighters. All painting is done by hand; artwork is based on customers' orders for department logos. At Hose graphics we replicate or create original artwork for plaques or themes. If you have an event such as retirement of a firefighter of any rank, class graduation, benefit fund raiser, or just to show pride in your department or union. Plaques can be personalized for any event or occasion. Please contact us for a quote.
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